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Road Safety - See and Be Seen

As the clocks go back this weekend, longer periods of darkness in the mornings and evenings, alongside worsening weather conditions, mean the risks of being involved in a road traffic collision can increase.

Road Safety Wales is advising road users of the need to prepare and to take extra care in darker conditions. In the dark it becomes even more important that drivers look out for all vulnerable road users, who should also consider how well they can be seen.

The new default 20mph speed limit in built-up areas across Wales means that drivers have more time spot hazards and to drive appropriately in the vicinity of others. Unfortunately, however, driver compliance cannot be taken for granted. Offending drivers still exist and each of us using the roads need to remain alert to poor and illegal driving behaviour to minimise our risk of being injured.

Teresa Ciano, Chair of Road Safety Wales, said, “At any time of year, drivers must always adhere to road traffic law and follow the rules and guidance within The Highway Code.

“In dark and changeable weather conditions it is vital that drivers are able to see vulnerable road users and can slow and bring their vehicle to a stop safely.

“We urge drivers to check that their vehicle is in a roadworthy condition. All tyres must be undamaged, with sufficient tread and inflated to the correct pressure.

“All lights must be clean and working properly, with washer fluid topped up to keep the windscreen clear; unobstructed all-round visibility is essential for safe driving and the protection of vulnerable road users. “Pedestrians and cyclists can increase their conspicuity easily by wearing bright colours in the daytime, and in the dark choosing reflective accessories, shoes, or clothing that can be picked up in vehicle headlights. “Crossing the road at dedicated crossing points whenever possible is always a safer option, especially when walking or wheeling in the hours of darkness.”

Cyclists are reminded that when riding in the dark they must have a working white front light and red rear light on their bike, while pedestrians can make good use of a standard or mobile phone torch.

Members of the public that have witnessed driving offences can report and upload video or photographic evidence at:

See and Be Seen on the road this autumn and play your part in reducing road casualties in Wales.